Internal Controls

Internal controls can often mean the difference between a business that is profitable...and one that is not.

There is always a fine balance between agility and control, when it comes to running a business. Those that are mired in undue top-heavy controls can be out-paced by competition -- and those that run ungoverned can often flame out in a blaze of (non)glory. Don't let your business fall victim to either version; partner with me to put in plan a comprehensive set of business controls that will be of minimal impact to your responsiveness to customers and keep your business running with integrity.

I will work with you to make sure that these key aspects of internal controls are in place, and your entire team is educated regarding their necessity, applicability and utility:

  • Inventory and asset management, including an RFID tag program for cataloging and tracking assets (if needed).
  • Clear job descriptions and roles/responsibility clarity for all employees.
  • Separation of Duties management, including installing secondary controls when conflicts exist within the SOD matrix.
  • Expense management, including designing accountable plans for employee expense reporting.
  • Comprehensive expense control guidelines that every person on your team will understand and adopt.
  • Creation of on-boarding and yearly education for employees.
  • Analysis and mitigation of any federal or state regulation risks - including anti-bribery controls, international travel policies (e.g. visas and work permits) and supplier relation management.
  • Fraud detection and related key business control reports.
  • Any other controls needed, depending on the industry and nature of your business.

Internal Controls are often an afterthought, or completely overlooked. Don't let your business fall victim to a lack of mastery in this area - contact me to discuss your requirements, today!

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