Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation, with the goal of creating accurate tax returns that minimize your tax obligation to the greatest extent legally possible.

I examine every aspect of your taxes and take every opportunity to give you the greatest advantage. You work hard for your money, and I work hard to make sure you retain as much of it as possible!

I can prepare a variety of tax returns, for any personal situation and many business entities:

  • Individual Income Tax Return
  • Small Business Tax Return
  • Partnership Tax Return
  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Estate Tax Return
  • Trust Tax Return
  • Gift Tax Return
  • Not for Profit Reporting and Tax Return
  • Non-Resident Tax Return
  • State Tax Return

Any industry, any profession, any circumstances - I can handle your tax return preparation needs.

For any of the types of returns I prepare, I also take care of the following:

  • Prior year or delinquent returns you may need to have done
  • Amended returns, for correcting prior year errors or omissions
  • Review of any tax returns you might have questions or concerns about

Contact me today for a no-obligation review of your tax preparation needs.

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